Photography Blog Sites

Many of these share a lot of information, tips and lessons that are useful for not only new photographers but seasoned photographers as well. The wonderful thing about the net is the ability to share our experiences and skills with our audiences.


I recently found this website and have only just begun exploring it. The site is full of great "how to" articles and videos for a vast array of categories. They also manage an active forum for photographers to share ideas and advise on many subjects. is very well designed, pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. It is quickly going to be one of my favorite sites to visit.

Lightroom Killer Tips


Lightroom is with out a doubt, the best program for the Management and Processing of Digital Photography image files. Lightroom Killer Tips is with out a doubt the best site dedicated to this program. Matt Kloskowski from Kelby TV manages and writes for the site providing tutorials, tips, time-saving shortcuts, photographic inspiration, and undocumented tricks for users of the program. The site heavily uses multimedia with new videos posted each week. If you use Lightroom, then this must be a bookmarked site for you.



PixelatedImage is a photography based blog site written and managed by David duChemin who is a world & humanitarian photographer, best-selling author, and international workshop leader. The site entries focus on David's thoughts and in-sites into the professional photography business as well as David's photography inspirations and philosophies. The site is also a portal to his Craft and Vision eBooks, a series of amazing photography eBooks. A great site to visit, a good read and great visuals to enjoy.

Stuck In Customs


There is a technique in photography called High Dyanamic Range (HDR) photography which is the art of taking multiple exposures of a scene and blend them in post process in-order to increase the dynamic range (the range of light) of a photograph to make it more realistic. When one thinks of HDR, Trey Ratcliff and his website Stuck In Customs immediately comes to mind. Stuck In Customs has become the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the internet. On average, the photos on the site get 175,000 views per day and over 60 million total! Speaking of the photos, all are available in full size and the online portfolio presented by Trey is nothing short of stunning. The site is full of informative articles, tips, and videos all relating to Trey's photography and HDR techniques.

These are only a few of my favorites. I'll add more in the future.