About Don Crawford

DWC_BW-w400Thank you for visiting my photography galleries.


I’ve been involved with photography in different capacities for over 25 years. Beginning in High School with a simple range finder camera, I progressed to using a Pentax K2 to learn the basics of photography techniques. Later I upgraded to the Pentax ME Super, one of the most advanced cameras of its time.

Digital Photography:

My interest in digital photography has grown since my first digital camera purchase in 1997. As a result of digital photography, my interest in photography was reawakened, allowing my creativity to develop. The advent of the desktop digital darkroom has allowed me to rework my images, correct, experiment and output enlargements with great satisfaction. Not since my high school days of B&W darkroom work have I felt I had control over my photographic images.

Since my introduction into digital photography, my interests in digital graphics and imaging has grown and developed as I've learned skills ranging from digital photography retouching, webpage design, business graphics, and even CMYK process commercial printing. Though not a vocation, I've found the learning process as well as the resulting creations very rewarding and is the reason for the building of this site.

My first digital camera was the Sony Mavica FD7. A fun, floppy based digital camera creating 640x480 images. Initially expecting only to use the camera for web images, email etc. it didn't take long for colour outputs being done and suddenly realizing the limitation of pixel resolution in relation of digital outputs.

I upgraded to the Olympus 620. A wonderful camera creating great colour images to a level of 1.4 mega pixels. Colour outputs were photographically credible to about 4x6, pushing it to 5x7. At this time, I invested in an dedicated dye sub printer by ALPS for my photographic creations. After about a year, the resolution issue again created concerns when outputting to 8x10s thus more changes.

Realizing the yearly upgrade of digital cameras due to technology improvements was an expensive undertaking, I decided to return to 35mm and resort to film scanning for my digital images until the digital medium matured somewhat and when digital SLRs became available at a reasonable cost. Starting with the Nikon F70, later upgrading to the Nikon F100. Scanning equipment began with the Canon Scan FS2510 but after about 6 months of disappointing results I upgraded to the Nikon LS2000.

As I worked with film and scanning, I continued to watch the development of digital cameras in particular the Nikon D1. At first skeptical, my interest peaked to the point of arranging for demonstration from Jeff Chevrier of Photocreative in Mississauga in June 2000. After spending a lot of time going over the camera features, operations and seeing actual outputs, I decided to take a major step and investment in my photographic interest, and purchased the D1.

With the Nikon D1, I began to develop my interest in sports photography and began to offer Sports Photography Services which has continued to expand over the last few years.

After a few years of using the Nikon D1, I upgraded it to the Nikon D1H, a newer high speed version which greatly improved my sports photography. As technology progressed I continued to upgrade my equipment, moving to the Nikon D100 and then to the Nikon D1X, the D2H, the D2X and now the Nikon D3.

Digital Sports and Action Photography:

Utilizing the latest in Nikon digital photographic equipment I offer a number of services in the area of of Sports and Action Photography as well as Event Photography. Please visit my websites for further information.

www.dc2photography.com My main portal to my photography websites.

My website dedicated to my Cutting Horse photography for the Ontario Cutting Horse Association.

Thank you for your interest in my photography and services.

Don W. Crawford.