Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I purchase my digital image file instead of ordering prints?

Yes. Selected online galleries will have digital file downloads as an option. If you purchase an image file, it will be granted a personal use licence to allow you to print the image as much as you would like, at any size you would like. Digital image files may not be used for any commercial or editorial reproductions with out further licencing fees. Please be aware, purchase of a digital file does not grant ownership of the image but a licence to use the image. Copyright and ownership will always remain the property on the photographer....that's me.

  • Instead of purchasing from you can't I simply download my images directly from the online gallery? I just want to post them on my Facebook, Myspace or Blog?

No. That would be a violation of my copyright and it will upset me quite a bit.

  • if  I do order something, do you take credit cards?

Yes, my online gallery accepts Paypal payments.

  • How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

As soon as we receive confirmation of your order, we will begin processing the files and print the order. Depending on the size of the order, it will take 2-3 days after the order is received before it will be ready for shipping. Once shipped, you will be notified and if applicable, a shipping tracking number will be provided.

  • How do you print your photos?

I print the photos using Epson professional inkjet printers and Epson professional print media. The combination of ink and paper sets offer upwards of 100 years of fade resistance for properly stored or displayed images

  • Do you provide on-site printing at events?

No, sorry I do not. I simply believe that you can not get the best possible product from on-site printing. I insist on all my images to be reviewed and adjusted back at my studio before they are released for proofing or printing. I know other photographers offer this type of service but I sincerely believe they do not provide the customer the best possible product.

  • What if my photo fades?

If any photo fades while being properly displayed or stored, simply return the damaged photo to us for inspection, We will reprint the image and ship the replacement back to you at no charge. We will not take any responsibility for framing, matting or mounting costs.

  • Do the printed images look like the photos online?

All photo images you see online have only had basic global corrections made. All print orders will be processed further to provide the best possible print. Also, things like red eye and eye reflection are all removed and repaired at no additional charge.If the images online are watermarked, the watermark will be removed. Please note on all images 8x10 and larger will be signed.

  • Why do indoor sports images look not as sharp as outdoor?

The main reason indoor photos are not as sharp as outdoor photos is the fact I have to deal with lower light levels which results in slow shutter speeds, thus actual subject movement is more prevalent with indoor shots. As an example, with Cutting Horse, outdoors I typically shoot at speeds of 1/1000 to 1/2000 of a second to freeze almost all action while indoors, especially when using flash, the speed is reduced to 1/250 of a second. Though the flash duration can produce speeds that can stop some action, at times it still can not be enough to reduce all movement thus you can get blurred images. Though we edit out the very poor images with subject movement, some images with minor movement blurr may be posted in the proofs.

  • What type of photography services do you provide?

I will pretty well do most assignements that come across my desk. Mostly sports, equine and small events.

  • Will you photograph my wedding?

I'm flattered that you would trust such an important event to be documented by me. As much as I would like to photograph your wedding, I will have to decline. I have to be honest in saying there are other photographers who specialize in weddings who are much better suited and experienced to capture such an important once in a lifetime event.

  • You website is pretty cool....who designed it?

I did and its run using a Content Management System called Joomla. If you would like a website put together for yourself, your business, sports team, organization, farm, personal blog etc.... contact me and I'd be happy to work out a web setup and hosting quote for you. Also, visit for some of my other graphic projects.

  • What Guarantee to you Offer?

Basically if you are unhappy with any photo ordered, simply contact me and I will fix it.