Moving back to Photoshelter


After a year at, I have decided to move back to for our ecommere photo orders and sales. They have made a number of improvements in the past year, some of which will make proofing your images easier.

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Moving to

Its been awhile since our last update.

As we begin a new season of photography, we have changed our e-commerce service to I hope the new service will allow us some more flexiiblity that our previous service did not afford us such as much larger preview image sizes.

We have migrated a few events from last year to the new service and all future events will be hosted here. If anyone has any trouble with the ordering interface, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.


A couple of changes are being made for 2010.

  • We are now offering digtal download in varying sized optionsfor online social media, galleries and printing.
  • We are also considering further digital packages
  • With the increase in shipping costs, we are now only offering shipping via regular surface Canada Post Services.

As we roll out the new E-Commerce and Proofing service, your feed back is more then welcomed.

Online Print on Demand

The Internet has opened up many customized services such as print on demand. Whether its one time printing of hard cover books like or short run business products like business cards, post cards and brochures, it opens the opportunity for small businesses and SOHO businesses to produce professional quality print materials in short runs. One service I recently tried is for printing some marketing materials for my Cutting Horse Photography and I thought I pass on some thoughts about using this service.



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